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Pyongyang Glorious Victory Simulation was developed deep in a North Korean bunker as a simple pass time for glorious leader Kim Jong Un.  Un is a big fan of games, and demanded a game up to the standard of Call of Duty with himself as the protagonist and America as the villain.   A crack team of developers immediately began work on this game, and years later they presented the glorious leader with their best effort "Pyongyang Glorious Victory Simulation."  A flashdrive with the game was found along with their corpses at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.  I guess Un didn't like the game.   Still, at great personal risk, we have decided to release the game despite North Korea's attempts to drown it.   Now it is up to the public to decide, is this the greatest game ever made?

Install instructions

Download the .zip file, extract it's contents, open the folder.  The executable file should be there for you to play.


PyongyangGloriousVictorySimulation 24 MB


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This is great! LOL